Monday, 17 August 2009

Beaded Jewellery by Alison Bickell

Well this is my first "blog". Hope it makes an ok read!!

I started about 5 years ago dabbling with making beaded jewellery. Now my hobby is my job and I love it. The Duchy Centre is full of great artists and really nice people. I am so pleased I took the gamble to take on one of the workshops - it's really a home from home.

I've been making regular sales with my bits and bobs, it's keeping me ticking over nicely!! I have started to notice now that I am getting lots of requests to make a certain design in a certain colour on the day. This is always exciting and I'm pleased to say that so far everyone has gone away with a piece of jewellery that they think is better than the original idea that they gave me. I have started doing mail order as well and have found repeat customers through this medium.

I don't have a website as yet, but may do in the future. Until then I regularly post photos onto my facebook group - Treasured Forever. Take a peek. It's like window shopping without the crowds!!!!

Thanks and hope you have a great week.

Duchy Square Centre for Creativity

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