Monday, 15 March 2010


Duchy Square Centre for Creativity in Princetown will bring a major environmental project focussed on Dartmoor to a climax this week (Thursday 18 March, 10am -4pm) when it hosts a key forum connecting the business and creative sectors.

Establishing Cultures is the final event in a month long series of forums and exhibitions under the title of Art, Ecology and Economy, which is encouraging artists to collaborate with companies to develop new products and initiatives around the sustainability agenda.

It will draw together all the ideas that have emerged from the exhibitions, and the forum dates, to build new partnerships between, artists and creative practitioners, environmentalists and business.

Integria Ltd- the creative consultancy company which manages and operates the Princetown centre – has collaborated with the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) based at Haldon Forest near Exeter for the trailblazing project.

Tracy Hill, SW regional manager for Integria, said: “The forums and exhibitions have been a huge success and we are delighted to play host to the final key event that should result in some tangible initiatives to take this exciting agenda forward.

Integria is keen for artists based at Duchy Square and elsewhere on Dartmoor to trial products or work closely in the design and delivery of a service focussed on sustainability as part of the project, which has the fundamental aim of encouraging businesses to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

The main focus has been on tackling climate change and the artists and businesses will collaborate to develop ideas into sustainable business opportunities that will primarily be for the benefit of local communities in the Dartmoor area.

The programme, which has been staged thanks to the financial support of the Greater Dartmoor LEAF, was launched back in January with a major event which brought invited businesses and artists to CCANW at Haldon Forest.

Both Duchy Square and CCANW also staged simultaneous exhibitions to explore how environmentally friendly approaches to manufacture and collaboration can make creative industries more profitable, and in turn, how this creative sector impacts on other regional industries.

“We are determined to ensure this project succeeds and brings about wide ranging benefits for the local community by significantly increasing demand for local services and local products,” said Tracy.

“Artists and designers at Duchy Square, as well as elsewhere on Dartmoor, will be working hard to promote creative work that utilises natural resources from local sources, increasing awareness of local cultural and recreational assets.”


Duchy Square for Creativity offers low cost workshop space for Creative,

Cultural, Arts and Media based businesses

The aim of the project is to regenerate the area by supporting local businesses across several key sectors.

It is a brand new centre created in 2009 with the South West Regional Development Agency, government Office South West, Devon County Council and the Duchy of Cornwall.

It is situated in the centre of Princetown on Tavistock Road at the crossroads for the B3212 and B3357.


Integria Ltd is a specialist management consultancy supporting the creative and cultural sectors throughout the United Kingdom, helping them to develop to their full potential to create new opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

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